How to Improve your golf swing!

Do you see the divot when you swing? Or are you already looking down the fairway?

See The Golf Ball

An article written by Bob Doyle, President and Dave Tutelman, VP Engineering of FOREVER BETTER GOLF, Inc. to help you understand and get the feel for maintaining your spine angle and golf swing.

The biggest golf swing flaw for average golfers, as well as for the pros when they miss their shot, is that they come up and out of their shot too soon. The golfer did not maintain their spine angle and did not maintain a steady head, such that they could see the ball or the divot at impact. The golfer’s head came up and did not stay behind the ball through impact. If you really want to improve your swing, you must learn more about the two irrefutable aspects of the golf swing and how you can gain a feel for mastering them.

If you are a serious golfer, you no doubt have recognized that for every swing tip or technique you heard, you probably heard the exact opposite tip from another professional or expert. But there are two aspects of the swing on which ALL experts agree. They are:

  1. Keep your head behind the ball through impact.
  2. Maintain your spine angle or as some call it, your forward tilt.

You hear and see video about these two aspects of the swing from the swing analysts during every golf tournament that is televised. You can read about them every day, week or month on the internet and in golf magazines. But no one ever tells you how you can gain a feel for them. There are over 400 training aids on the market but none on them addresses both of these aspects. The patented PRO-HEAD Trainer is the ONLY training aid that helps golfers get the feel for and master these two aspects of the swing.

The two aspects of the swing are discussed by the experts and authors of 12 of the all-time best selling golf instruction books ever published. These best sellers are:

  • Bobby Jones, The Best of Bobby Jones On Golf
  • Ben Hogan, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
  • Harvey Penick, The Little Red Book
  • Ernest Jones, Swing the Clubhead
  • Tommy Armour, How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time
  • Percy Boomer, On Learning Golf
  • Jack Nicklaus, Golf My Way
  • Kellie Stenzel, The Women’s Guide to Golf
  • Tiger Woods, How I Play Golf
  • George Knudson, The Natural Golf Swing
  • Annika Sorenstam, Golf Annika’s Way
  • David Leadbetter, 100% Golf

Here is a quote taken directly from Jack Nicklaus’ book, Golf My Way: “I regard keeping the head very steady, if not absolutely stock still, throughout the swing as the bedrock fundamental of golf. If you are hoping to improve your game, but can’t or won’t learn to keep your head steady throughout the swing, read no further. There is nothing I or anyone else, can do for your game.”

And here is what Arnold Palmer had to say in his book, My Game and Yours: “The majority of amateurs move their heads on most of their shots, and even we pros have to guard all the time against head motion. You can’t consistently execute a good golf shot unless you keep your head entirely still over the ball-and holding the head still isn’t easy. Even the pros gifted with a maximum of natural ability have had to spend years concentrating on holding the head steady.”

You can read what each of these experts had to say in our FREE article entitled “The Two Irrefutable Aspects of the Golf Swing.”

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